IMG_3879 resizedWe loved and welcomed our friends to enjoy Frank’s Cucina: Italian dining at it’s best on Cape Cod (defiantly not your ordinary Italian Restaurant dining experience)

A unique way to enjoy Fine Italian Cuisine. Essentially, you were invited to a dinner party in my home, (In Europe & South America they are know as Closed Door Restaurants) .  Dinner was served in an informal atmosphere; the environment festive yet relaxing.  The food is authentic, creative and full of interesting flavors that will open your senses into a different world. You will be treated to a singular unique dining experience which will undoubtedly entice all your senses.

At Frank’s Cucina: what is it like? It’s like Italy, art and culture, in the food and in the air, so please join us to feel that, and excite all your senses in my food. Each dinner is a unique experience unto itself, usually featuring 5 to 7 course tasting menu, from the classics to molecular gastronomy (See examples on my dinner blog).  Time ranges from 3 to 4 hours and you are welcome to stay as long as you like. Don’t be afraid of coming on your own, we welcome single guests. Everyone is very friendly, so grab your wine and join us. Prior to dinner you can stroll around, watch the cook, stroll outside to sit in the gardens (summer meals will be served outside weather permitting and if desired).

Frank’s Cucina supper club brings authentic traditional Italian food to the table, learned from cooking (50 years) and working with my Italian family, my mother, grandmother, and my mother-in-law all in the family kitchen. I have had no rules of cooking growing up and was told just create what you like and how it tastes, that makes the difference (if you like the yin & yang of flavors) . You will dine uniquely with authentic Italian cuisine, that has my own creative twist given to it and taking it to a new level.

Every meal and the heart of the dish is prepared with  a layering of flavors, which enhances every dish. All is served with  careful selection to the best locally fresh grown vegetables as well as from our gardens, and locally caught fish and meat, in other words farm to table. We work with local flavors and with the best traditional Italian ingredients available and each dish shall excite all the senses, to make your food delicious while being lovingly prepared.

“A question was asked of Gualtiero Marchesi (Known as the 1st Chef of Italy), What don’t you like about gourmet restaurants? When I was young, and my family owned the restaurant Albergo Mercato, I didn’t like the fact that people came to eat. I thought, ”Now that we have everything ready, we should close the doors and eat it ourselves.” Why didn’t I like it? People would insult you while they ate. Dining wasn’t a sacred act, as it had always been for me…”

“Today, I understand this. I hope to pass my experience along to you.





Fino a che non pranziamo

“Until we dine”









  1. 12-13-2012

    Caro Franco; do you ever have dinners where most or many invitees speak Italian? Not only do we love great food and wine, but want to find occasions to improve our moderately good Italian. Grazie/ Marvin and Jane Corlette

    • 1-19-2013

      Hi; could we schedule a dinner with you for several Italian speaking friends all together? Is there a minimum number? If we don’t fill the minimum, can you scrounge up folks who speak some Italian to fill in? Be fun to do this; please reply to my email. Grazie/ Marvin

  2. 1-12-2014

    This was a new Experiment ,which I enjoyed very tasts new herbs and new people .Thanks so miuch for a spezial evening

  3. 1-25-2014

    Would love to learn more about you supper club….thank you

  4. 4-18-2014

    I am trying to plan a dinner party for my own birthday on Memorial Day weekend, 4 – 6 people. What dates do you have available, if any? Thank you, this is exactly what I’ve been looking for. Jeanne

  5. 6-20-2014

    What an intriguing concept!!!!

  6. 7-16-2014

    i am very interested in your style of dining. exciting to say the least to foodies like my family. thanks for the info

    • 7-16-2014

      Thank you. If you have specifics let me know.
      I hope to see you at the table.
      “Until We Dine”

  7. 9-19-2014

    I just heard about your dining establishment from a friend. We live in West Harwich and were not aware of your place. I’m glad my friend mentioned it. I had a little trouble on your website trying to get to the menu and pricing. It sounds very interesting.

    • 9-30-2014

      Hi Harry,
      I sent this email to you on the 19th, was it helpful

      “I’m glad you found us and look forward to you dinning with us.

      Thank you for your comments. I’m sorry you were unable to navigate the website to get more information.
      Can you tell me first if you found out what you were looking for and secondly what was difficult.”

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